Ivlieva ridiculed Buzova

Blogger Anastasia Ivlieva decided to declare “war” singer Olga Buzova, ridiculed her challenge. The girl noticed time and again that the team is the star “House-2” steals her ideas.

Buzova informed on his page on Instagram published a video in which the singer bathed in a tub filled with ramen noodles. This gesture stars angered her followers, who were outraged at this senseless transfer of food against the background of the pandemic coronavirus.

Ivlieva repeated the Buzova with noodles. Only it focused on the humor and not sexuality.

In this world I’m the Queen. Don’t like — my other — signed post leading “eagle and tails”.

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Publish from NASTYA IVLEVA (@_agentgirl_) 15 APR 2020 11:22 PDT

Wrote NEWS.ru Olga Buzova posted on his Instagram a photo with a large rounded belly, as if is in the last months of pregnancy.