The Ministry of agriculture will appear foreign attache

The Cabinet instructed the Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation form sahranpur in accordance with the number of employees of Central office departments and budget allocations to management and administration in the agricultural sector.

The corresponding decree of the government of Russia of April 2, 2020 No. 411 “On amendments to the Statute on the Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation” comes into force today, April 16.

The Agency has a mandate for the management of its foreign unit.

The Ministry of agriculture now operates not only directly, but also through their representatives in foreign countries in cooperation with other Federal, regional and municipal Executive authorities, public associations and other organizations.

In October 2019, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin has signed a Decree authorizing the agricultural Department with the year 2020 to guide his attache in 50 countries for the promotion and support of domestic agricultural products in foreign markets.

According to the plans of the Ministry, the staff of his saranapala until 2023 will be 41 unit, and later increased by another 11. Meanwhile, three specialists previously was going to send to China in connection with the active expansion of the range of Russian products supplied to the local market.

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