Israel has entered the second wave of coronavirus. This was stated by the Minister of health of the country Yuli Edelstein after the number of new cases of infection dangerous infection has reached record levels. The politician said that the authorities will have to introduce new quarantine restrictions.

“We are at the beginning of the second wave of the disease, – said the head of the Israeli Ministry of health. – I, along with other Ministers sought the opening event halls, cultural centers, the resumption of public transport, but warned that if we don’t conscientiously observe all precautions, we would have to go to the closing. Unfortunately, not everyone has listened to this request”.

After much deliberation and discussion with experts, the government has decided to ban the crowded Assembly. To the last tightening of the maximum number of visitors: bars, clubs, and ceremonial halls were 250 people. In other enclosed spaces, including synagogues, allowed to be not more than 20 visitors. Moreover, the authorities ordered to carry out examinations to higher educational institutions in an online format and translate at least 30% of civil servants in remote mode.

“At this stage we are not going to impose restrictions in the private sector, but I ask employers to allow their employees to work from home. Take care of them and their families,” urged the Minister Edelstein.

July 2, entered into force a decree according to which a few blocks of the cities of Ashdod and Lod declared on 7 days “restricted areas”. Now until the morning of July 9, will operate a ban on entry to these areas and out of them. The restrictions will affect traffic and some businesses, which again have to suspend their activities.

in Addition, the Minister of health of Israel in the near future will sign the order restricting the operation of educational institutions, as well as prohibiting mass meetings in the city of Beitar Illit.

it is Noteworthy that Yuli Edelstein, criticized the casual manner in which some residents of Israel belong to the coronavirus. “Unfortunately, there’s a kind of populist competition on the topic of who will ridicule the danger of coronavirus and the need to comply with quarantine measures, – the politician said. – Some say that should not be impressive statistics. Others accuse me of fomenting hysteria. It is easy to succumb to populism, to deserve applause. Easy, but dangerous.”

as of July 2, coronavirus have been identified in the 2026 citizens of Israel. In hospitals are more than 9 thousand patients. Status 65 is estimated by physicians as heavy, half of them under the age of 70 years.

it is believed that the ratio of the number of tests conducted to population in Israel is among the highest in the world. Only in recent days has conducted more than 21 thousand of tests for COVID-19.