Amendments to the Constitution approved by the national vote to enter into force on 4 July. The decree about it was signed by President of Russia Vladimir Putin. One of the most important points on which pay attention to experts, was the fact that for endorsement of the amendments had no need for political strategies. The significance and positive changes were apparent to citizens.

Vladimir Putin on Friday, July 3, at a meeting with members of the working group on preparation of proposals on amendments to the basic law of the country, said, “the Amendments shall enter into force. Effective without any exaggeration, by the will of the people. You know my position – changes to the Constitution affect everyone, and the final, decisive word here could only citizens of Russia”.

the results of the voting confirmed that the citizens have spoken. Processing 100% of protocols showed that the final turnout was 67,97%. Your vote “for” gave 77,92%, or almost 58 million Russians. Voted against of 21.27% – about 16 million citizens.

“We made this important decision together, the whole country, and it concerns the values and basic principles which lie at the basis of further development of Russia, make us truly one people, one whole”, – said Putin.

really impressive result, the attendance and the number of votes affected in the first place, “technology,” real social support, consolidate and strengthen the country — that is exactly what carry the amendment. Any additional “technology” is simply not required.

Now, what about this said “MK” Director of policy analysis, Institute for social marketing Victor Poturalski:

– Just spin-doctoring to write off the impossible. In terms of information and other things. People provided information, but it was not propaganda, a propaganda campaign is definitely. If you look at what happened, including the very high turnout and high support of the amendments, I think, a very important socio-psychological phenomenon. It’s a tradition, when our society starts to discuss the value of high-level values of a high order, the trigger mechanisms of unity. If you look how it happened in the events, let us remember: we have large-scale volunteer movement to assist during a pandemic. And then, almost the same volunteers transformed into volunteers of the Constitution. This confirms the thesis that I put forward: discussion topics, a consensus of Russian society, which society accepted it, the society has United and has led to the effect that we received.