in the Autumn in Russia, the possible increase in the incidence of coronavirus due to the return of tourists from the resorts. This opinion was voiced by head of the Department of infectious diseases RUDN Galina Kozhevnikova.

According to her, this may be due to the fact that not all travelers take precautionary measures. While Kozhevnikova reassured: the increase in the incidence COVID-19 will not be strong. “We must consider that some part of the population is ill”, – quote “Izvestia” of infectious diseases.

Kozhevnikova also noted improvement of diagnostics in Russia and the readiness of the health system of the country.

Earlier it was named as one of the main mistakes of the Russians in fighting the coronavirus. According to academician Sergey Boytsov is the refusal to wear protective masks. The lack of security prevents to stop the spread of infection. He cited the example of wearing masks on the beaches in Spain. In Russia, where the beaches at the resorts are jammed with people on a holiday in masks laugh.