the economic Recovery of Africa “hanging by a thread” with the growth of zarahemla coronavirus. As reported by CNBC, for fear of overloading the health care system in South Africa, Kenya and Botswana have again imposed restrictions. In the coming weeks, their example can follow and other countries of the continent.

the Total number of cases COVID-19 in Africa close to one million, but the statistics may not fully reflect the real picture because there is not much testing. More than half of all infections are in South Africa — the most developed economy of the continent. The purchasing managers ‘ index (PMI) fell from 53.9 in June to 51.2 in July, although two months indicators increased.

According to analysts, Nigeria this year will experience a heavy blow to the economy over the last 35 years. The basis of the economy — oil sector continues to deteriorate amid the global collapse in hydrocarbon prices. Similar problems are faced another oil exporter Angola. Falling prices have added to the deepening recession, which began even before the pandemic.

While the reason for optimism is the data from Kenya and Uganda, but the re-introduction of quarantine measures can reduce the recovery on there. Also relatively favourable situation is in the countries with diversified economies: Benin, Ghana and Senegal have succeeded in containing the spread of the virus and maintaining economic activity.

According to the world health organization (who), the speed of propagation of the coronavirus has increased two times in comparison with the may figures, but the peak is still ahead. In the Americas, Africa and Asia, and in Europe, where an outbreak of coronavirus managed to stop this spring, register new cases of mass distribution.