Rooney Mara

In may, Western media reported that the 35-year-old Rooney Mara and 45-year-old Joaquin Phoenix for the first time become parents. Couple that leads a pretty private life, this time in public together do not appear, only sometimes the actress got one under the flashes of the reporters.

Yesterday she was caught on the street in Los Angeles. Rooney, which has already noticeably rounded stomach, went to the doctor. Taken care of the expectant mother and how to minimize the risk of infection with coronavirus: wear protective mask. On the ring finger of the left hand stars also you can see the ring a year ago it became known about the engagement pair. However, given their reticence, it is possible that Joaquin and Rooney has already tied the knot.

If you believe the press, which in may announced that Mara is in her sixth month of pregnancy, the firstborn of the pair will appear in the coming weeks. Obviously, the news about the birth of baby lovers to publicly share unlikely.

Rooney Mara and Joaquin Phoenix have been together for almost four years. They met in 2013 in the film “She”, but the romance between them began only three years later. As told by Phoenix, first they communicated by email and were pen pals.