In one of the buses, which moved at the center of Ufa, the masked woman tried to force them to exit the vehicle the other, who was without a mask. Footage of the altercation appeared online.

The lady with the mask several times at first says “go”, “quickly get out of here”, and then screams that a woman with no means of protection against the coronavirus that causes “rat”. This aggressive lady stopped and tried to kick his opponent.

Users of social networks have suggested that it is a conductor, however, the state enterprise “Bashavtotrans” said behaved correctly, and the other passengers, not employees of the carrier.

the Bus operated without a conductor, and since the buses are permitted to enter without personal protective equipment, the driver refused to go, while in the cabin there is a passenger without a mask. Apparently, in response to a time delay because of the reluctance of the passenger to comply with safety precautions, another passenger showed aggressive behavior, — quotes the representative of the company “Interfax”.

The “Bashavtotrans” posted a message on the buses and on their pages in social networks that doesn’t cater to passengers without masks since July 29. If the cabin is at least one passenger without a mask, the conductor has the right to demand that he come out, and the driver can refuse to carry it.

A similar case occurred on 25 July in Novosibirsk. There is a trolley conductor asked the girl to wear a mask to prevent the spread of coronavirus. This caused inadequate reaction of the passenger, because of which people had to be transplanted into another vehicle, and the video of the incident hit the net. After one of the trolley men began in an elevated tone to require her to wear a mask, the woman began to shout that the truth is on her side, and encouraged to break the rules as well as she did.

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