Anastasia Zavorotnyuk, loved by many Russians for Comedy series of the last decade "My fair nanny" in the near future can return home from medical clinics in the United States, where, under assumptions of journalists, she was treated. As it became known to the media, the house of stars, where he was spotted by her relatives, began a significant recovery.

Publish from Anastasia Zavorotnyuk (@a_zavorotnyuk) 29 Mar 2019 8:19 PDT

Journalists managed to find out that the area of the mansion Zavorotnyuk in the village the Krekshino appeared her relatives, who began to put in order the estate of the artist. Among them, the photographers noticed the mother of actress Valentina, daughter Anne and son Mike, who brought in the staff of the cleaning company. Earlier a long time on the territory of the estate there was only a gardener and a Manager. However, with the help of shooting with drone journalists were able to capture how on the front of the house put up chairs, barbecue and grill.

According to the publication, "Express newspaper," family Zavorotnyuk is preparing for her return from the United States, which repeatedly flew star the husband of the actress – figure skater Peter Chernyshev, has us citizenship. By assumption, members of the media, he went to his wife in new York medical center, where he received treatment singer Zhanna Friske.

Earlier edition VSE42.Ru reported that Anastasia Zavorotnyuk decided to speak on TV.