In the suburbs smashed BMW ex spouse Pugacheva

BMW X6, which belongs to the family of the former husband of the prima Donna Eugene Boldin, broke unknown, according to “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

It is noted that in the day of the incident the vehicle driven by 38-year-old music producer wife Marina Lyakh. According to the woman, she parked her car next to the store in the elite suburban village of Barvikha. Returning to the car after 15 minutes, the artist found that BMW ruined.

“At cars dented right side, the bumper is broken, and the body a lot of scratches and dents. At the time of the accident had no close witnesses”, – quotes the edition its source in law enforcement bodies.

It is noted that militiamen long speculated how the vehicle was damaged. Currently, experts estimate the damage. Conducted preliminary examination.

Yevgeny Boldin, as reported by the “Rambler”, is the third husband of Alla Pugacheva. Music producer, who is now 71 years old, is known as the organizer of “Theater of Song” with participation of stars of the first magnitude: Alexander Malinin, Vadimir Presnyakov, Vladimir Kuzmin, Igor Nikolaev and others.