Apple has declassified the data about the movements of the Russians

Apple has created a service Mobility Trends Reports that demonstrate the impact of quarantine on the movement of residents in large cities of the world. Presents in graphs the information available in the relevant section on the company website.

According to the description, the service collects anonymous data from the app “Apple Maps” is installed on iPhone users from around the world. Graphs show how reduced the movement of people after the introduction of quarantine measures: actual data can be compared with information collected from January 2020. The data are divided into three types — moving on foot, by car and by public transport.

According to the data, after the adoption in Russia of measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus in the end of March the index fell by 60 percent. At the time of this writing, the walking decreased by 50 percent car and 40 percent. Information on the movement of Russians in public transport is not represented, as in Russia, this function does not work.

Services you can view the data on the movement of citizens in some cities of the world, for Russia, represented by Moscow and Saint Petersburg. In the capital the index of movement on foot and by transport was lower than in the whole country — data below 68 and 59 percent, respectively, compared to January 2020. For example, in Spain people began to walk and to travel less on average, 90 percent in Italy, 85 percent in the U.S. — 50 percent, in Britain — 70 per cent.

At the end of March the Russian company “Yandex” has started to collect information about the movements of citizens during the period of quarantine measures. The index is calculated on a scale: the lower the value, the more the Russians are in the streets. Previously, the company launched an online map that displays the spread of coronavirus in the world and Russia on the basis of data of Federal service.