a Team of surgeons Clinical medical center of St. Luke the Crimean Federal University in the framework of the system had a successful operation, the distal resection of the pancreas patient suffering from cancer. This was reported by the press service of the University.

typically, patients with such pathologies are directed to distal resection (removing part of the body and tail of the pancreas) in a Moscow clinic where you want to get a quote and wait for the queue.

the Doctors in the regions is rarely taken for such operations, because the pancreas is the body’s extremely inconvenient for surgeons position. Operated it only for health reasons – when no other methods can prevent the death of the patient.

– It is rare for the Crimea and a very complex operation, expert class, explained the surgeon CMC of St. Luke, chair of the Department of General surgery Medical Academy of CFU Vyacheslav Mikhailichenko. – It is associated with Central blood vessels, the portal vein and the inferior Vena cava, the aorta. The slightest mistake can lead to instant death because the bleeding cannot be stopped. But we specializiruetsya on complex cases and prepared for such operations.

the skill of the surgeons and the Ligasure electrosurgical unit did their job – operation took place with minimal blood loss.

CFI has spent on the modernization of St. Luke KMC 200 million rubles. So, purchased modular console operating unit (“smart operating”) with the latest equipment: laser, nanoimpulse generators, ultrasonic and bipolar scalpels. Doctors have mastered the technique of computer preoperative planning, and creation of individual 3D models. All this allows to conduct operations on a qualitatively new level.