In the paper described how it should observe all precautions when visiting the cinemas, and indicated that it will minimize the risk of infection with new coronavirus infection and maintain the health of employees and visitors.

the cinema when it is resumed based on the decision of local authorities and proposals, prescriptions of chief state sanitary doctors.

According to the head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova, guidelines were developed on the basis of the main goal – the preservation of human health. “Our experience shows that when all of these recommendations have been fulfilled, risk of infection is minimal,” – said Popov.

Minister of culture Olga Lyubimova said: “We are grateful to the CPS for the prompt consideration of the proposals of the Ministry of culture of Russia prepared in cooperation with the leading cinema networks. Sure recommendations will help regional authorities and theaters to determine their readiness to resume activities at the screenings”.

notice again that this is only a recommendation – the decision on the work of the cinema is taken by higher authorities. In document – 28 points. Here are some of them.

What is needed, in accordance with the recommendations? The measurement of body temperature of employees, restriction of contacts between those working in different departments of the theaters and functional groups; in offices it is necessary to restrict the access of unauthorized persons, do not eat at working places. Also spelled out the need for disinfectants. The manual should provide staff with the masks.

One of the most important points – the observance of social distance is half a meter. In the foyer, and the theater. Next can sit only members of the same family.

Also the emphasis on the fact that kinobori should work if possible – remotely – that is, the preference for contactless devices. Similarly, – checking tickets at the entrance to the hall should be non-contact, and the ticket purchase – in the same way.

the Intervals between sessions are encouraged to do 30 minutes during this time to disinfect the room of the cinema. The admission of the audience to cinema halls – no less than 15 minutes before the session in order to avoid congestion of people.

sessions should be prepared in accordance with the new rules. Start time of sessions in the cinemas with a difference of at least 15 minutes, if the cinema no more than six rooms. And 10 minutes if halls cinema 7 or greater.

the question remains – aren’t you afraid the audience to go to the cinema as they are ready to entertainment of this type? The more that Russia is going to open the chocolates that will increase the distance between the audience even more.

But, most likely, people will once again go to the cinema, because it is already tired to be afraid of infection and I want a civilized way to relax with family or friends, as they used to.