Russia has reduced the number of drug addicts, also there has been a waiver of opiates, said chief freelance specialist psychiatrist-narcologist Department of health of Moscow and the Ministry of health of Russia Yevgeny Bryun. However, experts suggest that the growing use of new synthetic drugs popular among students.

“We see that quite actively reduced the number of registered patients, the changing pattern of anesthesia. We see that decreasing the amount of opiates such rough drug, but we assume that increasing the consumption of spice, synthetic cannabinoids, amphetamines, which are consumed in the student and youth, but we can’t, unfortunately, confirm laboratory, since no special rapid tests,” — said Brune on press-conference dedicated to the International day of fight against drug abuse and illicit trafficking, celebrated on 26 June (quoted by TASS).

According to Brune, the downward trend of opiate users is decreasing from 2016. So, by 2019 the number of patients registered in connection with the consumption of opioids decreased by 14% compared to the year 2018, as compared to the year 2016 — more than a third.

most of all, he said, drug use is recorded in Moscow.

“unfortunately, Moscow is in a rather difficult situation is with the youth, the student youth who use drugs. But I can say that the gap between the figures for Russia and between numbers in Moscow is steadily declining, and Moscow is quite active is released from the drug. Significantly decreased the number of poisonings in Moscow”, — said the psychiatrist.