The mayhem that unfolded in London’s Brixton area on Wednesday night was the result of the media and politicians encouraging an “anti-police organization,” according to Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage.

Police officers were pelted with bottles and other projectiles as they tried to break-up a rampant “block party” on Overton Road in the south London district. Video footage from the chaotic scene shows people smashing in the widescreen of a police car and also officers fleeing the area after being overrun by a mob.

Responding to the outbreak of violence in the UK capital, Farage said that the media, police chiefs and leading politicians must take their share of the blame because they encouraged anti-police sentiment.

“Serious rioting in Brixton last night, which this morning received hardly any media coverage. It seems that mob rule is being encouraged and not condemned,” Farage wrote on Twitter.

“Now hearing 40 officers injured. The media, police bosses and top politicians have given encouragement to an anti-police organisation with these appalling results,” he added.

Farage appears to have been alluding to media coverage of and political reaction to the Black Lives Matter protests that have popped up in the UK and across the world in the wake of the death of George Floyd at the hands of US police last month.

The Brexit Party leader has been an outspoken critic of the demonstrations, branding Black Lives Matter a “Marxist organization” and saying that the protesters are akin to the Taliban.

Scotland Yard said that 22 police officers were injured during the riot in Brixton. Two of them required hospitalization. Farage’s figure of 40 injuries has not yet been confirmed.

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