The Russians during the isolation are tired of being at home 7.5 out of 10 points, and one in five can no longer be afraid of the coronavirus, according to a joint study of service portal "Rambler" at the disposal of RIA Novosti.

The study was designed to find out what most bothered the Russians on quarantine, and also how this period was experienced parents, who had remained alone with the children for several months. It was held in June, and was attended by over 22 thousand people.

As noted, 14% of surveyed lacked entertainment establishments, and 8% missed events. 3% are tired of on-sessions with children.

While 15% of study participants indicated that they easily survived all the difficulties of quarantine.

"average users "Rambler" quarantine of sick 7,5 points out of 10. The majority of respondents (59%) said that the most tired of the quarantine and chose the answer "10 points". In second place was the result in 1 point (quarantine not tired at all) – it said 17% of respondents" reported in the study.

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