In the capital in the Crimea embankment of Museon Park held a traditional action “Line memory”, dedicated to the beginning of the great Patriotic war. During the campaign lit 1418 candles, each of which symbolizes one day of war.

this year on the waterfront created 1418 installations, each is a podium with an inscription and mounted with a candle. This year the first candle near the date of 22 June 1941 was lit by the head of the Moscow Department of culture Alexander Kibovsky, Deputy Mosgordumy Evgeny Gerasimov and the head of the Moscow Committee of public relations and youth policy Ekaterina Dragunov. This year kindle fire “Lines of memory” until the morning of June 22 will be 170 volunteers of the capital.

As told “RG” one of the volunteers Svetlana Bilibin, she takes part in the action is not the first time, but this year, all volunteers wearing masks and gloves, as well as comply with the social distance. “I was afraid this year because of the pandemic event does not take place, but apparently Providence has helped. This is one of my favorite forum in which I participate as a volunteer, because every day the war was an example of heroism, courage and resilience, manifested not only soldiers, but also home front workers, and doctors who have contributed to the fight against the German fascist invaders.” The action that anyone can join and put a candle on the memorial day of the war. However, due to the spread of coronavirus, the organizers abandoned the theatrical part of the action and the audience.

by the Way, 22 June at 03:00 in the Alexander garden will be held the action “Watch of memory. Eternal flame” in it will be attended by members of youth associations, public organizations and Patriotic clubs. They will honor the memory of those fallen for their country and lay flowers to the tomb of the Unknown Soldier. We will hear from the loudspeaker the documentary record of the announcement of Yuri Levitan about the beginning of the great Patriotic war, after which a Moment of Silence.