Under private wealth BCG understands the financial condition of ownership in adults (for Russia it’s basically – 59% – currency and deposits).

Such high rates largely due to low base in 1999 the status of the Russians was only $ 100 billion. After 2014, the rate of growth closer to the world average, and in 2018-2019 already accounted for 10.4%.

Under the influence COVID-19 BCG expects the decline in the growth rate of private wealth in Russia to 4-6% in the next four years. Depending on whether the economy of a rapid rebound after the crisis, the slow recovery or the new significant damage, the total amount of States to 2024 can reach 2-2,2 trillion, and in the worst case is 1.9 trillion dollars.

the Most wealthy people (the owners of state of more than $ 100 million) in Russia has about four times as large share than the world average – 40%. But the growth their States will be slowest in the period 2019-2024 years, BCG expects.

considering all dollar millionaires, they owned 55.8% of total private wealth, the report said.

People of modest conditions (up to 250 thousand dollars) in Russia have 39% of the funds is more than the world average (34%).

BCG predicts that the fastest – by more than 5% a year in Russia will grow the state in the amount of 250 thousand to 1 million dollars.