Young wife Yevgeny Petrosyan is with great pleasure to post instagram your photos in different outfits.

However, the manner of dress of the girl – obviously with a bias in retro, and the layout of the image she has problems, and write as ordinary subscribers, and the stylists are professionals.

However, Tatiana is not seen that cleaning the tape microblog critical commentary, leaving the rave background.

And in fact, is not so kindly. Yet you can see in instagram comments followers did not take the handkerchief on the head with Brownboy properly.

“New Russian grandmother in the city.”

Tatiana painful perceived criticism, storis instagram called subscribers who do not share her views on fashion trends, people are ignorant.


She Brukhanova , by the way, writes that her ideal – grace Kelly, and her contemporaries, “no one inspires”.

In response to accusations of ignorance Tatiana received the reproach of arrogance.

“Here you have an interesting position, good review glad you like writing unflattering – you in aggression in discontent. Learn to take criticism in his address. You haters poke nose just because you are haughty and arrogant, and apparently do not represent themselves”.

As reported by “the Rambler”, Tatiana Bruhanov told how her parents treat unequal marriage.

According to 31-year-old wife of comedian, mother and father supported her choice.

Publish from Tatyana Brukhunova (@bruhunova) 15 May 2020 3:23 PDT