A member of the Duma Committee on information policy Evgeny Revenko responded to accusations by the European Commission that Russia allegedly spreading conspiracy theories and misinformation about the new type of coronavirus. This is reported by RIA Novosti.

According to the parliamentarian, the European Commission should first deal with the stream of lies and misinformation that is published in Western media about the situation with coronavirus in Russia. “I would advise [official predstaviteley EC] Peter Stano to pay attention to the publication in the Financial Times and the New York Times, which wrongly claimed that mortality statistics in Russia is greatly underestimated,” said Revenko, noting that until now, the answer to the question on the basis of what made these publications, no.

May 17, Stano, in an interview with tabloid Bild has accused Russia of spreading conspiracy theories and misinformation about the new type of coronavirus. According to him, distribution in Europe theories and misinformation contribute to a variety of Kremlin-friendly sources and Russian state media. The dissemination of such information, I am sure Stano, may have significant implications for public health.

Examples of misinformation and mention specific media in the tabloid is not given.

Earlier, the American newspaper the New York Times and the Financial Times wrote that in Russia the number of deaths of patients with coronavirus may be 70 percent higher than the official data. While the world health organization (who) stated that in the country there are evidences of a conscious lowering of mortality. The Russian foreign Ministry called the materials of an fake and anti-Russian propaganda, and announced the intention to appeal to the UN Secretariat by the Secretary General of UNESCO Deathbed Azul and the OSCE representative on freedom of the media to Alemu the Dezir.

The number of deaths of Russians with confirmed coronavirus since the start of the pandemic exceeded 2.6 thousand. For the last day died 94 people. Only in Russia revealed 281 752 cases of infection with coronavirus. For the entire period of the pandemic has recovered 67 373 people.