I have a fever feel bad

Singer Edita Pieha, who is already 82 years old, said to be seriously ill. Star felt bad a few days ago and contacted the doctors.

“I Have a fever, feel bad, but coronavirus is not. I’m with the doctors on”connection.

Edita Note that for several months, Edita does not leave his country house in the village of Severnaya Samarka near St. Petersburg. As previously told by her daughter of singer Ilona Bronevitskaya, her mother isolated themselves, when there was first news about the coronavirus. Now with the parent Bronevitskaya communicates only via video link. Drive herself to visit her she is not at risk.

As previously noted by Edita, she believes that the coronavirus will not penetrate to her cottage. Star asked God to protect her from the plague, which attacked the entire planet, and has already claimed almost two hundred thousand lives, according to the portal “St. Petersburg diary”.