She hates me Sedokova made the confession

Singer Anna Sedokova live on its YouTube channel have suggested that Ukrainian actress Bianca hates her.

Between women, according to her, earlier it was a conflict, the consequence of which were hostile relations.

Sedokova, recently decided to become a blogger, an interviewer, staged live, in which he responded to questions from subscribers. One user inquired whom the star is planning to invite guests for a Frank talk.

The singer said that intends to communicate with those who she is interested in. Bianchi in the list.

All because between the artists there is a long-standing conflict. Assures Sedokova – a fight is not initiated by her.

“In an interview, she said something like: “Who is Anna?”. And I loved her so much and was very upset. I think Bianca hates me,” he said.

Sedokova added that she has no desire to communicate with Bianca, so invite her to your project, she has no plans.

Earlier, as reported “the Rambler”, Sedokova on one of the first editions of the blog “Apartment 69” admitted that she had sexual experience with two girls at the same time. The singer stressed that she did not like.