Russian drug for the treatment of a coronavirus, “Aviewer” will go in hospital on June 11, the relevant date revealed “news”.

As writes the edition, his research will continue until the end of the summer, and hospitals it will be implemented on contracts and will not be available for sale.

As explained by the Director of the medical Institute of the Mordovian state University Larisa Balykova, till now in Russia there was no “profile” of drugs for the treatment of coronavirus. Applied medication that causes an immune system response. For example, aminohinolinovogo derivatives hydroxychloroquine is not intended to treat viral infections, they were created to combat malaria or arthritis.

“"Favipiravir" was synthesized for the treatment of infections caused by RNA-containing viruses,” she explained.

According to Balakovo, the drug has shown its effectiveness, inhibiting many viruses that cause severe clinical manifestations of the disease.

The drug was developed by the Russian direct investment Fund (RDIF) and a group of companies “Chemrar” on the basis “of Favipiravir”. May 30, it became known that the Ministry of health approved drug. Efficacy is more than 80 percent.

In recent days in Russia revealed 8952 cases of infection with novel coronavirus infection. The country coronavirus was confirmed in 396 575 people. Of which 4.5 thousand died, more than 167 thousand patients have recovered.