May 31 ends the primaries of “United Russia” (EP) by definition of candidates in the upcoming September elections. In the party primaries have taken part more than six thousand people. According to experts interviewed by the party in power, despite criticism, was a pioneer of online elections, even the party. And this experience can be applied already in the near future. And if not voting for amendments to the Constitution, the exact date of which is still not defined, it is highly likely, the state Duma elections in 2021, the year.

the Contest is above, the participants — less

In 2019-th primaries of United Russia was registered about 40 thousand people. This year, assuming the receipt of applications from candidates was extended to mid-may, was just over six thousand. Thus, according to the Secretary of the General Council “United Russia” Andrei Turchak, the competition in 2020 than in past years. As it turned out, this year the United Russia party, were not counted in the primary elections in municipalities. 1 272 mandates parties to intra-party pre-vote claim to participate in the elections of four seats in the state Duma, 808 — legislative administrative centers and 460 in the legislative Assembly.

As noted in conversation with the General Director of Agency of political and economic communications Dmitry Orlov, contrary to many predictions, the average competition in the primaries in 2020 rose 0.6% compared to the previous year and amounted to 4.8 per place. The ruling party, said the analyst, the Kremlin continues to stake ahead of parliamentary elections 2021-th.

Dmitry Orlov, the General Director of Agency of political and economic communications: the Main part of registration of candidates in the primaries took place at a time when the agenda was almost completely occupied by the pandemic and prevent the spread of infection. At that to participate in the campaign showed the interest of many young activists. It should be noted that in General their share every year more and more significant. In addition, indicative of the fact that participation in the primaries showed great interest of citizens: on the online platform of the primaries have registered 1 million 229 thousand persons, of which 634 thousand have already made their choice. That is half. And this indicates the effectiveness of information and propaganda work of the “United Russia” in the period in which the activity of the parties of the parliamentary opposition, in contrast, was markedly reduced.

The organizational work of United Russia, according to the interlocutors also rose to the occasion. That, however, did not correct the critical situation with the low ratings. According to the Director of the consulting Agency NPR Group Dmitry Fetisov, for the conduct of primaries can the EP to put a solid top five, only za�� the fact that the preliminary internal party vote is not canceled.

Dmitry Fetisov, the political strategist: with regard to image part of the excitement this year from the primaries much less much less candidates than expected. And some image points, which would like to have a party, the primaries do not add. Online experience will be analyzed, it for party new. The figures stated some, but how much will voters, we will understand at the end of the primaries.

Political strategist Konstantin Kalachev in conversation with noted that the current format gave a head start to newcomers who, as a rule, are more fluent in the subtleties of modern online technologies.

Konstantin Kalachev, head of the Political expert group: a blessing in disguise, because the primary EP was conceived as a tool for obtaining intra-party competition and a system of selection of candidates in the election campaign, in order to show that they have been carefully selected and approved by the people. All this was turned into a demonstration of the candidates depend on them when people used the ballot to gain an advantage. Accordingly, beginners was hard enough. Online gives more chances and opportunities for young and advanced, young and not — ability to develop channels of communication and new technologies. In principle the party could get some useful experience. Candidates in the current environment have to understand that a difficult epidemiological situation is not the reason. And these primaries just allow new skills to track.

Expert separately focuses on the fact that the receipt of applications from candidates was extended — “United Russia” is clearly faced with the problem of recruitment.

Maybe so, and extended the time to connect new participants. But the primaries in any form is better than their absence, he suggested in conversation with

Especially experts have noted the unusually high number of voters in the primaries. The President of the Russian Association of political advisers Alexey Kurtov pointed out that, despite the million-plus participants, most of whom voted in the first days and weeks of the primaries, everything was organized without any technical failures. It speaks about good level of the organization.

Alexey Kurtov, President of the Russian Association of political consultants: it seems to Me that from the point of view of the situation, the party was pretty well out of limits. She was able to attract a lot of people were able to do this without technical failures. Yes, there was a city that on the first day of “hang”, but it was resolved fairly quickly. It is quite well done.

the Election going online

However, the main question that is associated with the online primaries “United Russia”, based on the platforms of the blockchain, is not the results of voting for party candidates in the elections. For many Russians, the so-called preliminary vote passes by. We are talking about the future of the entire electoral system in Russia. Political scientists tend to think about what the United Russia party, as was customary in the past 20 years, thrown into the breach of testing the electronic format of voting.

The solution, according to Fetisov, will be based on the results.

anyway modern technologies dictate the need for transition to online platforms. And, most likely, the party will develop in this direction, but go the way of gradual development. Next year we will likely be faced with a situation where there would be some significant percentage of online voting. But some part of you still come back to the traditional form of voting. And much will depend on whether the loser to challenge the results of the primaries. Whether the overall credibility of this vote, the expert added.

In addition, according to Kalachev, Russia the fact of the controlled electronic voting and control, and turnout is one of the most important.

Russia — the birthplace of discoverers. And it can be assumed that people accustomed to online. You should use electronic voting in elections because it is easier to control. The question here is not only in appearance but also in monitoring the result, — said political consultant.

In turn, the President of communication holding “Minchenko consulting”, the political analyst Yevgeny Minchenko sure to jump on the online elections required extensive work with the population.

Evgeny Minchenko, President of communication holding “Minchenko consulting”: I Think that sooner or later it will happen. But in order for that to happen, you need a really widespread campaign to convince the people that their information during the voting secure. In addition, it is very important to introduce electronic voting in the daily lives of people. That is, not only in elections but also in other formats, including local referenda, public hearings and so on.

I must say that the question of holding online elections has been discussed for several months after the population was forced to go into quarantine due to the outbreak of coronavirus. Especially a lot of attention this topic was given in connection with the planned for April the all-Russian voting on amendments to the Constitution, which was postponed indefinitely. However, taking into account the recommendations of the CEC, issued on the eve of the referendum on amendments to the Basic law of the country is still held in the traditional scenario.