the Traditional parade on Lenin square in Novosibirsk is not, but in the sky it will be held. Above the city fly military planes and helicopters including fighter-bombers su-34, built in the capital of Siberia at the aircraft factory of a name of Valery Chkalov.

the celebration will take place mostly online. But they can take part residents of the city. So, on 8 may at 22:00 will take action in memory of the fallen soldiers – everyone can put on the window a lighted candle. On television, radio and Internet channels will be announced a Minute of silence.

Victory Day at 12:00 will be a presentation of a virtual monument of Glory. From Novosibirsk to offer to come on the site to find the name of his deceased relative, and to honor his memory, without leaving home.

the Only public event will be the action “Garden of memory” – the city plans to plant one hundred and fifty lilac bushes.

But the highlight of the day at 21:50 should be a joint performance of the song “Victory Day” citizens have appeared on the balconies of their apartments.

As reported in the Department of forest complex of Kemerovo region, in memory of countrymen who died during the great Patriotic war, kuzbassovtsy will plant more than 156 thousand trees. This part of action will guide forest managers and municipalities without public participation. And join the event gardeners can upload pictures from their sites to social networks with hashtags #of Sadamate, #Sudamericana, #Sudamericanas.

the participant of the great Patriotic war, honorary citizen of Kemerovo Anatoly Terekhov landed in recent years in memory of those killed on the battlefields of hundreds of cedars. This spring on its usual route on the ground fighting 94-year-old veteran went because of the epidemic of the coronavirus.

But I called to his companions in Volgograd, Moscow, Novgorod, Kaliningrad, – said the veteran. My cedars grow, including ten of the plants my son brought last year to the memorial complex of the Brest fortress. Next year will see, by the time all this plague will disappear.

In Kemerovo for the 75th anniversary of the Victory will set the sculpture in the Park of Youth, at the regional library of a name of Vasily Fedorov. This Park before the war broke graduates of the local school. Returned home, not all.

the Sculpture depicting a young couple, called “School waltz”. And the song “Young conquerors of space”, which for many years stood in the Park, will be renovated and set in the right Bank part of Vladikavkaz – near the street named in honour of the Russian cosmonaut Alexei Leonov who spent his childhood in the Kuzbass region.

In Barnaul to mark the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the great Patriotic war will install a stele in honor of Alexey Skurlatov – famous countryman, passed all warsand which became the prototype of the monument to Soviet soldiers-liberators in Sofia, Bulgaria.

As told to the author of the project architect Sergey Bozhenko, a memorial sign is a vertical stele of black stone, on top of which is a order of the Patriotic war of wrought copper. On the front side of the stele engraved with the image of the monument to the liberator soldier, which stands in Plovdiv. And under it the inscription: “Alyosha” – is the popular name of the monument.

the Monument is ready, it is planned to establish in the city centre close to Plaza Oct. But with the celebrations on the occasion of the opening will have to wait because all public events postponed to a later date.

Also to the anniversary of the Victory in Barnaul has named two new streets in honour of Heroes of the Soviet Union Nestor Kozina and Gregory Levin. Military personnel, the commanders of the guard units major General Nestor Kozin and Colonel Gregory Levin has distinguished himself in the capture of Berlin. Heroes-Siberians were born in other regions in the Novosibirsk region and Krasnoyarsk region, but after the war lived in Barnaul and made a great contribution to the development of the city and region. The streets with their names will appear in the new neighborhood, which began to build up this year.


As for quarantine measures, the veterans of the great Patriotic war (as in the Altai region today is home to 666 people) will not be able May 9 to take part in celebrations on the occasion of the anniversary of the Victory, the regional authorities decided to provide their digital devices that they these days could watch a show about the war, to communicate with relatives and friends.

Ministry of social protection of edge will provide veterans with TVs and mobile phones with a fixed rate.