the Global race for supremacy in the vaccine for the coronavirus continues. Many countries have already announced the end of the development vaccination drug — some of them have already started clinical trials in humans. Since the beginning of the pandemic, it took only three months, while usually the process of creating the vaccine takes about two years.

What are the steps necessary in the development of the drug and as a fast track work will affect its quality — in the article “Газеты.Ru”.

Scientists from many countries continue to work hard to create a vaccine against the coronavirus. Some experts believe that only vaccination can protect humanity from the further spread of the deadly infection.

“the Vaccine is the most effective way to fight any virus. We see that in underdeveloped countries people are not vaccinated and the mortality rate is much higher there,” said “Газете.Ru” the head of the laboratory of interferonogenesis in the Centre of epidemiology and Microbiology them. Gamalei Felix Yershov.

the Medic explained that the essence of vaccination is that the virus starts to work against itself. “If the virus down, he becomes the vaccine. Using cell engineering the virus first accumulate, and then weaken, it turns inoculum. After vaccination the vaccinated person no symptoms, and the immune response is the same as when infections,” — said the expert.

currently, the world has developed more than 90 grafting products from COVID-19.

thus, the U.S. scientists, pharmaceutical companies, Arcturus Therapeutics and Johnson & Johnson create a grafting material on the basis of only a fragment of viral protein that is faster than a cell virus that triggers an immune response in the form of the formation by an organism of antibodies (protein compounds of blood plasma to prevent the reproduction of virus — “Газета.Ru”).

representatives of the us pharmaceutical company Inovio Pharmaceuticals has gone even further — to make the vaccine, they decided to use the DNA of the coronavirus. They have developed a drug with a high concentration of nucleic acids of the virus — carriers of genetic information. In this case it is the genes of a pathogen that activate protective mechanisms of immunity. Vaccines of the same type created and scientists at Imperial College in London.

the Development of a vaccine — the process is very complicated and laborious, stressed in a conversation with “Газетой.Ru” Felix Ershov. According to him, it involves “an army of experts” — pharmacologists, virologists and technologists.

In the regulations, who prescribed three mandatory stages of testing and strict criteria for passing the test any vaccine.

“the Vaccine must have two properties — first, EFefficiency, secondly, security. And security in turn requires a thorough inspection. So first and foremost it is a test of the cells, suppressed the virus at this level or not”, — explained the medic.

Next, he said, starts testing the drug on animals, usually for these purposes the mouse. Also, as described “Газете.Ru” a virologist, Professor, RAS Alexander Lukashev, after rodent tests carried out on monkeys, since their bodies are the closest to human. This stage usually takes about two months.

“Then begins checking on volunteers, during which specialists look like antibodies are formed in humans,” — said Felix Ershov. In order to understand whether evolved acquired immunity, and are there any side effects, it may take from six months, as this process is in turn divided into several stages.

“besides, the vaccine is not immediately triggered, it should cause an immune response to the coronavirus, but it takes time,” — said the expert.

nevertheless, the pace of development and production of vaccines against coronavirus a serious boost. This happens not only due vital necessity for rapid generation of drug from COVID-19, but due world racing — every state wants to be the first to invent a vaccine that can stop the pandemic.

“Usually, the whole process of development of a vaccine takes about a year, but for doctors it was a decree of the Ministry of health that all stages happen faster,” — said Yershov “Газете.Ru”. In turn, Alexander Lukashev said that the creation time of the vaccination of the drug against the new virus (what is coronavirus) sometimes up to two years.

At the same time in Russia the production of vaccines is expected by the end of may, I noticed Felix Yershov.

“in fact, Russia was able to cope for three months, as it was a very serious large of social order, which it was necessary to quickly implement. This acceleration rate is very expensive — you need to get people to Fund the work,” the doctor said in a conversation with “Газетой.Ru”.

In connection with the need for good funding to increase the pace of development and testing of vaccines against coronavirus, the European Union launched a marathon to raise money. His original goal of 7.5 billion euros. In addition to the EU in the UK, Norway, Japan, Saudi Arabia and Canada.

At the same time some experts doubt the safety of the vaccine, created in such a short time. So, Alexander Lukashev sure that effectively pass all the testing stages for several months, is simply impossible.

“for Example, there are tests chronic toxicness, which needs at least three months. Scientists during this time some by the way managed to conduct all the necessary testing,” said a virologist in conversation with “Газетой.Ru”.

He said that doctors had previously encountered careless handling of vaccines. “There is a very instructive experience in the creation of vaccines against SARS SARS, the closest relative of the new coronavirus.

He misspoke, that is definitely developed vaccine COVID-19 will be more to save, rather than harm, but, according to him, their use should be extremely careful.

“I Have more hopes for better treatment regimens and new drugs. Now this disease is treated much better than two months ago, and after two-three of the month there is the likelihood of even more effective drugs”, — said the doctor.

the General Director of the scientific center “Vector” Rinat Maksyutov reported that clinical trials of a vaccine against coronavirus in Russia will begin in the first half of may — which involved 60 volunteers, some of whom are the developers of the drug. Scientists agreed to test the vaccine on themselves, because they believe in its effectiveness and safety, said native TV channel “Russia 1”.

in Addition to the safety of the vaccine, developed at an accelerated rate, questions of cause and regulation of mass vaccination. “You have to understand that the first batch of the drug may not be big. Need time to establish mass production and put it already on an industrial scale”, — said Felix Yershov.

hope that country that created the vaccine will be able to provide it the rest of the state, stupid, said the head of the program of development of vaccines of the bill and Melinda gates Foundation Anita Zaidi edition of the New York Times.

“We’ll need a lot of different vaccines in different States to cross the finish line of the world”, — the expert warned.

In Russia the first vaccination against coronavirus will make doctors reported Ershov “Газете.Ru”. “It is expected that millions of doses of vaccine, which will allow to carry out mass vaccination, will only be ready by year-end,” said the medic.

He suggested that this may lead to the fact that the vaccine does lose its relevance. “It may happen that herd immunity will develop before the start of mass vaccination because the disease makes its cycle. Humanity, of course, will not die is not the same viral infection that kills everyone,” — said Yershov.

the Expert said that in the medical center. Pirogov already have 35% of doctors have discovered antibodies to the coronavirus. “The so-called passive vaccination (an independent formation of antibodies to the virus — “Газета.Ru”) is already right now, therefore, it is likely that the world will be able to cope without the vaccine, although it will be a great help,” concluded the medic.