the Lawyer of a family of PhD student Anastasia Eschenko told new details about the case of the historian Oleg Sokolov, accused of cruel murder of the girl. According to the lawyer, quarrels and scandals referred to by the defendant in the case, explaining the alleged murder of temper, was provoked by him.

In an interview with website KP.RU lawyer Alexandra baksheeva said that Sokolov was cheating on Anastasia, and because there was a quarrel.

the Lawyer said that before Anastasia historian, being married, met another young girl, Catherine, who supposedly did not know about the existence of a lawful spouse. When the fraud was discovered, the relationship of lovers was finished, the story of the former passions. Then history repeated itself with Anastasia, said the lawyer.

“From Sokolov was infidelity during his relationship with Anastasia,” said baksheeva.

According to her, the girl suspected lover continues a close relationship with his ex-wife and uses the meeting with the children as an excuse to see her. Suspicions and caused anger Anastasia and led to quarrels, says the lawyer.

“He cheated on Anastasia, including with his ex-wife, Anna”, – said the lawyer, assuming that the day of the murder just this topic was the cause of another quarrel that led to the tragedy.

Earlier, the falcons tried to justify their actions by the fact that once loved a young girl at some point turned into a “monster.” He claimed that Anastasia allegedly for no reason made a scene and tried to forbid him to see the children. Sokolov also insisted that had made public their correspondence in which the girl allegedly abusive comments about children. The lawyer of the family of the deceased believes that the negative attitude towards children was called Anastasia it is a betrayal of the beloved with their mother.