the Central Bank has decided to remind Russians about blocking citizens ‘ deposits and withdrawals of the population during the great Patriotic war, which caused a mild panic among the commentators. The controller even had to remove the post from your Facebook account.

Caused a lively discussion historical background of the Central Bank appeared in the account controller June 30. The report said about how during the war, the government mobilized funds from the public for the budget and limit emissions.

in the first days of the war was limited to withdrawal of deposits, in addition, was introduced a war tax, a tax on childless and single. Leave was cancelled, and the compensation is debited to the deposits and have also been frozen.

the Central Bank also reminded that during world war II the population has supplied about one-third of all state revenues by paying two thirds of the cost of the military budget.

In the discussions under the post there was a lot of negative comments. People began to accuse the Bank of Russia that it unnecessarily escalate the situation in our restless time, which could result in a new outflow of deposits. “We need to prepare?”, “This is an allusion to the Russian the near future?” – asked questions users of the social network.

One of the subscribers suggested sarcastically to delve further into the story and talk about collectivization and bonds Treasury bonds, “which the state vtyuhivali citizens” and about monetary reform and default by devaluation.

the Administrator account of the Central Bank first tried to explain that there is no hidden meaning in the message was not: the regulator long history dedicated to the anniversary of the victory in world war II. “Sorry I overdid the degree”, – he wrote. Later the publication was removed to “avoid further speculation.”

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