July 3, just three exams — computer science, geography and literature — started suffering exam-2020. On the same day was the world and the first five “victims” of this campaign: three wrapped from the entrance of the physicians revealed they have a fever, and two more observers who caught the guys cheating with cell phones. The only region where the students were obliged to pass examinations in masks and gloves, were of Bashkortostan.

Chairman of the all-Russian public movement “national PTA” Irina Volynets, the main fears of parents today are a transition school for online learning, and low results of the exam. And the last — just as a consequence of the use of online throughout the last quarter of the 2019-2020 school year.

– Well, we have suffered with this exam, – has confirmed “MK” the validity of these inferences is the mother of a graduate of Catherine. The son wrote today geography and says that everything seems to be done correctly. But on the March he went to school, studied at home remotely. What kind of lessons prepare for exams?! Well at least the Tutors were doing on Skype. But still, I think that super-high score is nothing to wait for. The only consolation is that other the situation is no better.

as for “no better” is spot-on. However, on the first day of the campaign there were five participants in the exams, whose position is clearly worse.

So, from three different schools of Sverdlovsk region doctors have not missed on TPP (item examination), right at the entrance finding their fever. To pass the exams these poor now have to reserve the days of August, and, hence, without podstanovki standby mode of the exam will last for another month. However, as the time to prepare.

And here’s another two held the participants of the exams the next attempt only shines next summer. Both of them (one in the Krasnoyarsk region, the second in the Novosibirsk region) was caught trying to get in the exam cell phones, expelled from the exam and their results voided.

Online observers (who, by the way, has become more) this year also helps the artificial intelligence program trained to recognize violators.

Neyroseti imposes on the figures of people in the test room, their skeletons. They are made in different colors, so the overall picture is, you can tell, merry. But the essence of the other. The selection of skeletons does not allow attention to be distracted by the body and clothes, but all the movements become more obvious. Including questionable. So, going to the exams, keep in mind.

fortunately, exams — at least initially — the boys overwhelming most regions will without gloves and masks. On the morning of July 3, only Bashkortostan has ordered all participants to come to the exams prepared personal protective equipment.

But the organizers of the exams across the country must be on TPP in masks and gloves all the time while tests. And even in the southern regions, where the temperature reaches 35-37 degrees. Boss sympathize with them, but only to gloves and masks to workers PPE was sentenced before the end of the campaign.

HELP “MK”. As explained in Rosobrnadzor, on average, in the test audiences this year are 8 participants in the finals, so the minimum acceptable social distance 1.5 meters nearly everywhere exceeded.

the Application for the exam in literature gave more than 58 thousand people, in geography — about 17 thousand, in computer science — more than 98 thousand In total the exam you plan to take approximately 714 thousand people, which will be 5728 PPE.