according to Rosobrnadzor, exam in social science I plan to write about 333 thousand children. Including – 302 and thousands of graduates of 2020. This is the most popular exam for selection among students. Work in social studies consists of two parts, includes 29 missions. They need to perform for 3 hours and 55 minutes.

exam in chemistry, plan to take more than 90 thousand children. About 80 thousand of them – the graduates of 2020. The exam in chemistry consists of two parts, a total of 35 jobs. Hands-on activity are given 3.5 hours. “The students of chemistry can use in the exam non-programmable calculator, – said the Rosobrnadzor. – The results of the exam participants get to know not later than 30 July.”


the minimum score on the exam on social science – 42, on the exam in chemistry – 36 points. If the graduate will score less to get into University with these results he can’t.

the main exam period in 2020 takes place from 29 June to 25 July. This year, exams are taken, only those guys who are going to go to College. All the teachers, the organizers are on the exam in masks and gloves. At the entrance to the school medical staff to measure all temperature.