The university of Ghent has launched a national, population-to “Relationships of Stress and Aggression during the COVID-19-crisis in Belgium. “The effects of domestic violence are not confined to the period of time from the moment you have it, and they will have an impact on the society as a whole”, says the university of Ghent.

the Stress and feelings of helplessness are often the basis of violence, the Ghent university. “The coronacrisis, and in the present moment to reinforce such sentiments. In those countries where extensive social-distancing measures that have been taken and the home was required to do so, or, it may be large increases in violence in families and between partners have been reported. In China it came to domestic violence at the moment is three times more than it was before. In France, physical, and sexual violence have increased by more than 35 per cent. For Belgium, the absence of official figures, but experts are expecting a similar trend can be observed.”

the Customized assistance

The university of Ghent, therefore, the extent of domestic violence and the specific issues in the search for help at the moment you have it in the future. “Under normal circumstances, some of the victims have been reluctant to ask for help. Often, they experience feelings of shame and guilt, and they find it difficult to tell their story. Due to a lack of help and support, they can cause serious health problems to arise,” says the university.

“It is important to be able to at the moment the custom to refer remain. The university of Ghent, attempts, therefore, to establish whether the victims in this crisis and in order to get the help that they so desperately need. With this information, they want to the politicians and health care providers to inform them so that they, together with the development of health problems are linked to the experience of aggression, even at the moment you be able to elucidate.”

now Everyone is able to attend, which is why the university of Ghent. “To have reliable information to warrant, it is important that as many people as possible to participate in the study, regardless of whether or not they are themselves victims of domestic violence. Since it is only by including the non-victims need to be interviewed, the impact of gender-based violence in the society, to be determined.”

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