Showbiz, The 93-year-old grandmother of the ‘Thirties’actress Kim Van Oncen battle is currently in place for her to live in the senior home where she’s staying. “We do not have a clue as to whether they have been infected with the corona virus, but due to the economic crisis and the related measures, it is still too dangerous to visit,” she said.

From the Oncen said in her Instagram Stories of the year is a picture of when she was a child in the snow in the dolt with her grandmother. “This is my mamie , and my last grandmother”, she added. “She is now 93 and fighting all of the days in the senior home with the best possible care – for life. Keep fighting, please. We know that you are a rebel and are virtually impossible to break you in. I also know that for us it is ok, if you want to go. We’re very proud of you. #strongest”

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