the Sun warms the well, and it gives Geggo from ‘the Family from Bryggen’ option to give the baby-bulge a little sun.

Spring is upon us and the temperature rising each day, it can also mark on Amager, where there with the family Salvarli is summer on the balcony with bare stomachs and sunbathing.

‘Fat belly, c-vitamins galore and a 4-year-old with coke-ice cream on the balcony in the sunshine. It can be anything,’ writes Geggo in an Instagram lookup, where she also reveals that she has been to a successful misdannelsesscanning.

‘Yesterday we were (or I) to misdannelsesscanning, and there was life and happy days, and a baby who looks healthy and healthy out without any signs of malformations. So it was lovely weekendnyheder,’ writes Geggo continue.

Misdannelsesscanning is an ultrasound scan in week 20, which primarily has the purpose to clarify whether the fetus is malformed, or suffering from chromosomal defects, and for this study had to Geggo do without both Cengiz and Alba due to corona-the situation.

It is also for the scan in week 20, one can see the gender, if you have not previously been to a private kønsscanning. Which gender, who is hiding in the Geggos stomach, will be unveiled in the new title of ‘the Family from Bryggen’, which is set to premiere the 23. april on TV3 and Viaplay.

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