Putin has offered to delay the payment of insurance premiums

“We have already reduced the amount of social contributions for small and medium-sized businesses in half, from 30% to 15%, – the President said. – Made it so that companies have additional resources to pay for the workers. This measure, as already said, is long-term. In an emergency, additional assistance offered to distribute to all the victims of the enterprises of small and medium businesses delay the payment of insurance contributions to social funds for six months – as we already did for microenterprises”.

Photo: Sergey Bobylev/TASS Business estimated losses from the coronavirus

a previously Granted deferral on the payment of insurance premiums (in March-may for six months, during June-July for four months) microenterprises from the list of affected industries. It includes transportation, catering, tourism, hospitality, sport, culture, education, events, household services.

prior To may 1, operates by delaying the payment of insurance premiums in the tax break: it applies to all taxes, including special tax regimes, except VAT and personal income tax paid through tax agents. Depending on the tax deferral is available for four and six months.