Food and Movement, and Now we have only the most necessary of errands out of the door, is the zaakom as much as possible to cook with the things that jeal in the house. And it doesn’t have to saaiof good-to-be. With the ingredients out of the pantry or freezer you can make a lot of delicious and healthy meals on the table in turn. A nutritionist I Mouha choose haarvijf favorite, lock-down call. In My Thuisblijfgids you will find even more advice at this time is healthy you may want. 1. Chiapudding

(from “Highway to Health”).

2 servings: the < / b> • 4 tablespoons of chia seed
• 200 ml for further information about lactose intolerance, almond or kokosdrink,or milk.
• 2 cs vermicelli.
• 2 handfuls diepvriesfruit, fresh fruit or 3 tablespoons of dried fruit.

Mix the chia seed with sprinkles, and milk, or for further information about lactose intolerance. Allow at least 30 minutes to harden in the fridge.

Let the diepvriesfruit to defrost or wash and cut fresh fruit. Dried fruit is a little juicier if you let it soak in, for instance, to cross the road. Divide the chiapudding.

You can also fruitconserven on its own nat. Not in at the syrup, because that’s where the sugar content is too high.