Anabaena actress Anastasia Zavorotnyuk will try an experimental vaccine against cancer based on the immune cells.

The vaccine is made individually for each patient. Its advantage is that it identificeret cancer cells and teaches the immune system to attack them, said "Komsomolskaya Pravda" with reference to the corresponding member of RAS, head of laboratory of cell proliferation, Institute of molecular biology Peter Chumakov.

"treatment may take two years to continue", — said the scientist.

It is known that the relatives of car crash refused other treatment options that have not yet passed clinical trials. According to the scientist, at this point volunteers receive this drug for free in the preclinical trials. Doctors have noted the positive experience of treating patients with cancer of the fourth stage. This method also helps patients with glioblastoma, and after its use increases the life expectancy of people with this disease.

About the disease of celebrity has become known in 2019. Actress decided not to publicize the tragedy and chooses not to comment on the condition of the car crash. Journalists managed to find out that at the beginning of 2020 was discharged from the hospital, and at the moment she is being treated at home.