Showman Gauguin Solntsev went to rest in Sochi together with 65-year-old wife Catherine Tereshkovich. They also escorted two old ladies who are called lovers freak.

As one of the witnesses who saw Gauguin at the beach, a showman surrounded by attention and care of their elderly companions.

They all crowd to the beach go. Grandma’s courting of Gauguin as I can. It water comes out, they immediately run to him with a towel, and then go to the hotel, — quotes the words of an eyewitness

Presumably, one of the companions Gauguin — Lydia Alifirenko. This middle-aged woman appeared in the life of Anderson at the time, as his wife Catherine was treated in the rehabilitation clinic. Showman claimed earlier that they have a purely friendly relationship. Who else besides the couple, accompanied by a flamboyant young man on the trip to the sea is unknown.

Meanwhile, the media got pictures, which Gauguin spends the night with his wife and mistress Lida, while a frame made by someone third. He Solntsev says that the photos he was kidnapped along with the phone.

The entertainer has publicly admitted that he is ready to please even the five ladies. However, he asked journalists not to write about his personal life.

Earlier wrote that the sun has acquired a place in the village cemetery among the birches, located in the Bryansk region, for his wife Catherine the Tereshkovich. According to showman, his older wife “deserves to be buried on this cemetery”. It is known that Catherine Tereshkovich previously had surgery for rejuvenation, to be attractive for his outrageous wife.