Bari Alibasov Jr. said, as Lydia Fedoseyev-Shukshin begged his father to take her apartment in New Moscow. The actress allegedly feared that the housing will kill her in the literal sense of the word own daughter Olga.

Olga Shukshin Alibasov Jr. called the organizer, or “ringleader” who were preparing the attempted murder of his father because of the flat $ 62 million. “Exposing” daughter of the actress happened in the air, “Let them talk” on channel one.

Alibasov Jr. accused Olga that will do anything for money even kill his own mother.

I heard with my own ears as Lydia Fedoseyev-Shukshin begged the Pope to rewrite her apartment because I was afraid that Olga will be deprived of her life! What can we say about the life of another father for 62 million! — in the heat of the moment shouted the son of the producer.

Another story with Bari by Alibasova already vpechatlila not one of the invited guests and experts of the program. Many even remembered the parable about the boy and the wolves, saying that with Alibasova — a wonderful actor will not understand, where truth and fiction in order to once again attract attention. Moreover, Fedoseyev-Shukshin said the incident performance as the lead program.

Alibasov Jr. accused friends and colleagues of the father that they solder its parent star, seeking in this way to deprive him of expensive apartments. Olga Shukshina in retaliation for the alleged crime, he also promised to take her all I can.

Earlier reported that the program “Let speak” on the First channel there was a fight between the son of the producer of the group “na-na” and ex-lead singer Valery Yurin since. Thus, in the framework of Bari Jr. has accused the former Director of the team of Andrey Nazarov, Valeriy Yurin and Olga Shukshin (daughter Fedoseeva-Shukshina) to the attempt on the life of his father.