Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko advised to treat coronavirus honey. The recommendation he dropped during his trip to Mogilev oblast on the source of the “Blue spring”, which is a natural monument of Belarus. MK said it is our renowned physicians, whether so it actually.

the Belarusian leader visited the fair and talked to people who sell products of their production. Lukashenko said that he keeps an apiary and the beekeepers promised full support.

– you need to come Here from the pandemic to be treated. Honey tried, returned… – pointedly said the President of the Republic.

most Likely, Lukashenka was joking, but citizens can take his words seriously and run to buy the honey barrels.

And the honey in large quantities can harm.

Professor, doctor of medical Sciences, infectious disease physician Nikolai Malyshev, commented on the words of the head of Belarus:

– I against honey have nothing, the product is good. Especially if with black bread. But they do go in parallel with the coronavirus.

– And if it strengthens the immune system? And the same with strong immunity is less likely to pick up coronavirus?

But honey is also a great allergen. Who it can be used, what med, how much, is another question. Of course, it was a joke. If the honey has benefited from a coronavirus, it would be too easy. In General, it can be use, however, depends on what grade, but here the main thing – not to run into a counterfeit.

infectious disease Physician of the Novosibirsk center of new medical technologies Peter Smooth recently told “MK”, which preventive measures against coronavirus he takes it personally:

– all doctors in their personal prevention efforts. Because the virus is transmitted through the respiratory tract, I recommend that upon returning home, rinse the nasal passages or instilled into the nose drops with antiviral effect. It is useful to take vitamin-mineral complexes, containing vitamins C, e, D, selenium, zinc and others. Someone thinks that this does not help, but I was convinced of their effectiveness. Stress, hypothermia, fatigue lead to a breakdown of immune protection, and the person becomes ill.

…So, if someone believes that honey strengthens the immune system, the Board of Alexander Lukashenko is not devoid of common sense. But only as a preventative measure.

However, the Belarusian leader will be remembered not only the phrase about the honey in the era of the coronavirus, but the fact that he had previously called the situation with the pandemic psychosis and was advised to be treated by working on a tractor, Hiking in the bath, as well as “poison” infection vodka and eat more butter.