“Baby Baby baby baby girl the night call me…” Chorus from the Golden nineties hit again on all cylinders. Really singing already not Lada, but instead of a straight barrel — mannered R’n’b. However, this made cosmetic repairs under the supervision of the author of the song of Leonid Velichkovsky. Good reason to find out as one of the main authors of the perestroika pop music feels in the era of hip-hop and autotune.

In its original form “Girl Night” or Baby Baby, I want to say that the cosmopolitan, came out back in 92-m to year. It was a time of pop-music revolution. Young Russian medindustriya longingly looked to the West, took over and was adjusted to everything that was fashionable and progressive. First money earned on co-op shows, invest in musical equipment and sound of hits of the time were better, especially against the background of “Tender May” and other pioneers of Russian-ass.

First song is Baby Baby and then a “Night Album” steel for Lada Dance powerful launch her solo career. The tandem of singer and fashionable composer, who by that time had pretty to leave the repertoire of Natalia Gulkin and our giants of synth-pop groups “Bioconstructor” and “Technology” looked very promising. However, their musical and personal history of the Frets and Leonid soon ended. But the song remained.

“Now this trend: old songs in new arrangements and I also decided to participate in it. Baby Baby probably all know and now she is in a new modern and fashionable versions,” says Leonid Velichkovsky in an interview with “ZD”.

For a modern version of their hit song, the author undertook together with DJs and music producers known as Slider & Magnit. These gentlemen are downright iron grip on what is called dance Remix, and a list of clients they have is very impressive: from Ivan Dorn to group “Leningrad”. However, in the case of Baby Baby the main problem was that the original sounds like a dashing dance. And that the public had no desire to compare the new version with the original song found a completely different pace in the spirit of R’n’b.

Perhaps the idea to have Lada Dens that are alive, healthy and from time to time performed, until all the concerts are not canceled, many thought would be interesting. But Leonid himself is clearly not willing enough to take in the nostalgia. “Everything has to be new. Today we need new heroes” — said the composer.

All new today find it on the Internet, where thousands of songwriters and singers and millions of aspiring to become them. Such an abundance of something is a plus, but strange characters and strange music so much that I want to find new hits and new stars can be created feels like it’s digging in a huge dung-heap in an attempt to find a diamond.

But the persistence of Leonid Velichkovsky in the end was rewarded and now his future plans are connected with the young singer ELLA. She made this Baby together Tonight with Slider & Magnit and her composer ready to work on original material. However in modern conditions such a music startup is a gamble.

“Before, you could find someone with good looks, good singing and good tone. To write a song similar to the hit, remove the clip, proeperity it on MTV and Muses-TV, who then all looked, to put on the “Russian radio” and here the artist is eighty percent developed, — says Leonid. Now it is unclear what to do with the new artist. Of course there are examples of very fast right off the bat and I like many things in this. And style, and energy, and even vocalists are cool, but this is one. Than take all the rest, I just do not understand. Here’s an example of Tim Belarusian. He can’t sing and the scene moves prohibitively bad. But he is a popular artist, like people and he’s got hits, and why it all happened, you kill I can not understand. Studeny timbre who can not sing, today is considered to be original and trendy tone. And this has to be considered…”

once in the beginning of the other offspring of Leonid Velichkovsky, the group “Arrows” and “Virus”, performed their functions, composer and producer went into entrepreneurs, but in 2014 returned to show business and soon became the musical architect of the career of Olga Buzova. Main diva “House 2” previously tried to record the songs but with the filing of Velichkovsky received exactly what suits her and, as it turned out, all of her fans. Success Buzova still seems to be some incredible coincidence, but it happened, most likely thanks to the experience and intuition of Velichkovsky. And on such a happy occasion, I hope hundreds of new names that joint efforts provide the Russian Internet nearly a thousand new songs every day.

“of course, I’m still blown away at how it all works, says Leonid. Now, reach for it all the same what to win at the casino. The Internet is like a black hole. It drop something, but what is happening there — do not understand. And why do people suddenly start listening to some one, maybe not the best song — a real mystery, despite the fact that there are thousand similar songs and even more promising from a commercial point of view, but listen to this. There are statistics regarding how people listen to new songs. Fifty percent off the track after three seconds. Thirty seconds remains only ten percent of the audience, and listen to less than one percent. Can be artists now and mTerada and make the HYIP to catch people and force them to listen to the song to the end. In General, for example Buzova or Morgenstern can understand that now is the time artists, not singers, time of a HYIP, not a beautiful melody. The public can now only interested in something super special, extraordinary, and not by vocal or tone of voice or a beautiful melody. Beautiful music is now a success not use it, of course, you need to understand that the new “Hotel California” will be gone……”