Broke out following the killing of a police arrest of an African-American George Floyd, the protests resulted not only in the demands of racial and social justice. It resulted in a war with the “politically incorrect” historical monuments and even trademarks. A victim of this war was even an innocent eskimo ice-cream. And beyond.

a Few “iconic” American everyday life brands have already announced a change of label for the sake of political correctness. It should be noted that the current wave of racial protests only fueled existed before in American society the debate about the use of trademark images relating to racial and ethnic minorities, especially if they contain references to the time of slavery of African Americans.

But now is the moment when discussions move into a phase of the case.

the Rebranding will undergo syrups and pancake mix “Aunt Jemima” on the packaging which shows a smiling black woman. This image will be removed in the near future, and the brand name will be changed later.

This is a decision the manufacturer has taken the next day after the singer Kirby posted TikTok which became a viral video called “How to cook Breakfast without racism”. In this short video, Kirby notes that the brand name means “a slave-mother from the plantation to the South.”

“Black lives do matter, people. Even at Breakfast,” said Kirby, emptying the contents of a box of pancake mix in the sink.

decided to Adjust and trademarks famous sauces and rice “Uncle Ben” (with a gray-haired black gentleman in the bow tie), syrup, “Mrs. Butterworth” and mix for semolina Cream of Wheat. Producers have promised that the package of their products will be revised.

established in 1890-ies the brand of semolina Cream of Wheat has long been criticized for the use on the packaging of the image of the smiling black chef on the box. Known as Rastus he perceived as a caricature of the Jolly, former slave, which is often represented in the so-called “minstrel show” (a form of American popular theater of the nineteenth century, in which white actors disguised as blacks played comic scenes from Negro life). Meanwhile, the model for the image of Rastus became a professional chef, a native of Barbados, moved in 1875 to the United States Frank L. white.

Some people attribute the shape of the syrup bottle Mrs. Butterworth in the form of a portly female figure with “Mommy”, rooted in the history of slavery in the United States a racist caricature of black women working as a nanny to a white family.

“Aunt Jemima, like other “Mamochki”, depicts African American women as one-dimensional servants. Despite this, many Americans nostalgically associate it with warm, family memories. I see here the remnants of enslavement and segregation”, – the Director of the Museum of racist collectable records name Jim crow David pilgrim.

“with a Caricature of aunt Jemima was a product of the white imagination and the minstrel show of America of the nineteenth century, says Professor of history from Virginia Commonwealth University Gregory Smithers. Aunt Jemima was also a part of the tradition of “black face”, which through the decades after the civil war, he returned to a simpler time of the plantation and “the happy slaves”.

However, the wave of the rebranding affected not only the images of blacks. The company Dreyer”s Grand Ice Cream announced that her brand of ice cream Eskimo Pie (“Eskimo pie”) is renamed.

Introduced in 1921, America’s first bar of ice cream in chocolate, still carries the image on the packaging fun eskimo boy. (In our country eksimo, ice cream coated in chocolate on a stick appeared through the efforts of Anastas Mikoyan in 1935).

According to the Alaska native language center, although the word “eskimo” is commonly used in Alaska to refer to Inuit and pikov, it is considered pejorative and means “eater of raw meat”.

the representative of the ice cream maker said that the company “some time reviewing our business for the production of “eskimo pies” and will change the brand name and marketing.”

Under fire fighters for political correctness was even a sports team. Baseball team Cleveland Indians last year had to remove from my form the logo with a caricature image of an Indian Chief Wahoo.

In the survey conducted earlier this year of a survey of the University of California at Berkeley found that at least half of the more than 1000 respondents of native Americans were offended by the name and mascot of the football team Washington Redskins. The mayor of the American capital Muriel Bowser in an interview on radio last week said that “the team’s time to deal with what offends so many people.”

In 2013, team owner Daniel Snyder stated the newspaper USA Today that he never would have thought about changing the name of the team: “We will never change the team name”. Meanwhile, the team asked to change the name even President Obama. In 2015, he said that it is time for sports teams to “break the mold”.

it is unclear whether the foundations of the “Washington Redskins” before the wave, caused by the death of George Floyd.