He also expressed the opinion that there is no need to separately recognize the value of the lives of African Americans.

Vice President US Mike Pence refused to say the slogan of the movement “Black lives matter” (“black Life is important”). He said that the lives of all people are equal.

When the channel 6 ABC presenter noted that the Republicans in the US rarely say the main slogan of the protesters, the Pens did not succumb to the trick.

Instead, he said he believes the death of the African-American George Floyd’s tragedy.

He stressed that the US people support equality. In addition, the day of emancipation, Americans are celebrating the fact that since the founding of the country, they “value the ideal that all are created equal and endowed by the Creator with certain unalienable rights.” Therefore, he concluded the Pence, the importance of life of all people.

When he was again urged to separately recognize the value of the lives of African Americans, as the country not all can do it Vice President US objected.

Recall, after tough police action during the arrest of the black George, Floyd was led to his death, the United States began mass protests. On the background of the world the popularity of the slogan Black Lives Matter, urging to stop the racist tyranny and to prohibit law enforcement officers to use deadly techniques against citizens.