a Huge number of people are looking now for what is happening in America and there are a lot of reasons. The process is unprecedented, as the global epidemic of coronavirus. And just as with the coronavirus, it is not clear what it is, where it came from, how to treat and what could end. In addition, today, after the collapse of our country, the 30-year anniversary (if that word is appropriate) which we celebrated in the world remains only one superpower, do still possess enormous resources and potential, and what happens in it affects everything on our small and fragile planet.

In our media can often hear such an opinion: “And what is this all about? Well, pobuzit the blacks and the marginalized, to let off steam, plunder shops, Pousada with Floyd, which was almost a thug, and it’s all over. There are no leaders, no organized movement, too.”

In this statement if that is true, so only that of the deceased, rather cold-bloodedly murdered young man’s name was George Floyd. Of course, the American riots and uprisings (of which there were many in history, Americans just don’t feel the need to stick out negative, sometimes very bloody pages of its history and, moreover, anything not going to repent), have their specifics, which can be expressed to paraphrase an Internet meme: “In any unclear situation to Rob stores.” The mentality of the Americans is really very different from, for example, French and Russian – America was formed by immigrants, most of whom were, say, very softly, adventurers, adventurers and the not-too-law-abiding people. Therefore, during the recent performances of “yellow jackets” in France, if which he suffered, as a result of rebellion, not of looting, and if the Windows and beat, just caught the hand. And so we have, for example, during the events of 1993 or the “Bolotnaya” protests of 2011-2012, was not injured in any stall or store.

older People remember the so-called “blackout” of 1977 in new York, when the hours lost power and had to enter the army, because the people of all classes and skin colours grabbed weapons and rushed into the street to Rob and rape (sorry, but the song words can not erase).

Examples are many, oddly enough most of them quite frankly is described in “Wikipedia” – from the genocide of the indigenous population to the so-called “defarming” 30-ies, when the mass dispossession of farmers from hunger and economic depression killed (even in the Wikipedia figures differ) more than one million people. From a relatively recent war of 1992 in Los Angeles, when the white priceins acquitted the four white police officers brutally beat a camera a black guy who was so drunk behind the wheel that could not physically resist. Then the real fighting lasted more than a week, and the rebels at first tried to stop the police, then national guard, then the army and loss account went on hundreds.

However, while in Los Angeles this civil war were still local in nature. In the present case, the speech, as the virus swept through America first, and then the whole world – the UK, Holland, Australia, France, Canada and many other countries. Yes, these speeches was neither leader nor organization, but that is their value (or danger, if someone sees a threat to people) – it was really massive and sincere reaction to a terrible crime. I don’t know if George Floyd a bandit or not, I think, that he was not, but his death was truly a martyrdom, and his murder, captured all the details in the video, shocked the whole world with equanimity. Even if Floyd was some transgression, that death he fully atoned for them all. That is why it is for such a huge number of people turned into a symbol.

And, indeed, popular protests, and that popular protests involving people of all races and walks of life (though mostly the poor, of course) there is so far no leaders, no organization, no clear requirements. They were not organized by the American Embassy, she wasn’t Soros or the CIA, their leaders have not held internships in America, as the Ukrainian nationalist gunmen or Serbian, Georgian, and various other figures of the so-called “color revolutions”.

American protests also were not organized, they emerged independently and spontaneously, and it shows that the potential of mutual hatred in this country is very high, as the potential instability (which of course, does not negate the desires of the most different politicians use the protests of the people for their own purposes). I remembered the words of a famous American film Director Oliver stone: “the American elite is oppressing the American people as well as the whole world.” But all the years after the destruction of the Soviet Union (and even partly during the Soviet era, with silly Khrushchev’s slogan “catch up and overtake!”) we took America. And now this sample if not yet crumbling, then that’s fine wobbled in the eyes of the world. America is a country built terribly unfair, although some time her enormous wealth and the example of the October Revolution of 1917 and the Soviet Union, which had a huge impact on the relations of labor and capital around the world, allowed some way to drive into this injustice, and its derivative problems. Because the stratification in the schoolAnd immense number of the poor and unemployed as huge hidden unemployment even more legal, approximately 40 million Americans in the richest country in the world have no access at all to any medical care – in General, enumerating all the problems would have taken a separate and long article.

So people only needed an excuse. And the reason – the murder of representatives of the authorities of a young man – was given. And since in all States of America and everywhere in the capitalist countries, the problems are similar, then the speech began to spread like an epidemic.

I Wonder how our and the world media different cover these protests. Our, shall we say, official media put emphasis on the speech of the black population, with the emphasis on skin color (this, in my opinion, a hidden, and sometimes open form of racism), the looting of stores and sometimes really strange and startling expressions of feelings peculiar to the Americans, who often like to Express their emotions, do not hesitate, show very exaggerated. Foreign media, with the most different political views, show huge crowds of protesters in all the leading countries of the world, and completely different colour, and even in America in many cases in the speeches of the blacks not dominate. In this sense, interesting is the reaction of the Chinese media, which show just these huge columns of protesters and called the ongoing performances for freedom, justice and human rights, against racial and social discrimination. Why not? Chinese media, like all leftists around the world are presented with what is happening in the spirit, “human rights” in American and all American teachings, how to live, the world no longer needed.

In this sense, the reaction of the Russian liberal public, which is either silent, or condemns what is happening in America, “iniquity.” And you can understand them – I think, as the Pro-American opposition in Russia and that part of the Russian “elite”, which is focused on the USA, are big problems. Because it seems that everything that happens in this time just not over. In any case, the words of the American philosopher Fukuyama, proclaimed after the collapse of the USSR the “end of history”, is now perceived as a nasty joke, and the Story began its bad or good, but certainly not boring a new round.