the Doctor and broadcaster Eugene Komorowski gave a recommendation about what should be done to people who have had coronavirus infection.

the Council is published on the website of the specialist in Instagram. The recommendation given in the form of an answer to the question of a woman who suspects that had coronavirus. She, in particular, lists symptoms characteristic of COVID-19, and wondered how it should behave.

Eugene Komorowski warns that even already migrated coronavirus infection does not guarantee that ill person will infect another.

“You can still take the doorknob to hand coronavirus, to say Hello to someone and infect him. That is, even if you moved the coronavirus, it doesn’t give you the right to go everywhere, grab everything and risk the lives of others,” – said Yevgeny Komarovsky.

He advises not to forget about caution, to respect the social distance and wash hands.

According to him, only after the decline of the epidemic and unloading of laboratories, each will have the opportunity to find out whether the body’s antibodies and in what quantity. This will help determine whether a person is ill with the coronavirus.

“And then we have to do individual and global insights,” emphasizes Evgeny Komarovsky.