the Ministry of health has registered the drug is “Iliru” special fast-track procedure foreseen for emergency situations, giving the manufacturer a temporary certificate of registration. Studies of the drug in the third (final) phase continues in the 13 medical centers.

just as in the case of the antiviral drug “Aviewer”, also registered in an expedited manner, “Elzira” will arrive in free sale. The medicine is intended for use in a hospital environment. The first batch of drugs, said the company will start to arrive in hospitals in about three weeks.

As previously reported, “RG”, originally the drug was developed to treat rheumatoid arthritis, and at the outbreak of the epidemic, the studies that proved its safety, was already passed. This helped to reduce the time of testing the drug, when it was decided to expand the range of its application in patients COVID-19. Active substance “levelmap” affects the immune system of the patient and is able to suppress the abnormal reaction, accompanied by strong inflammation and thrombosis, – the cytokine storm.