As reported the correspondent of TV channel Sky News, the atmosphere started to heat up after the protesters began throwing bottles and other objects at the guards. Officers of the mounted police managed to push the protesters who tried to March to the residence of the British Prime Minister, is located on Downing street. According to British media reports, the 21 o’clock local time (23 hours GMT), the overall situation has stabilized. During the protests suffered by the officer of the mounted police. Arrested several protesters.

on Saturday, similar rallies were held in other major cities in Britain such as Manchester, Cardiff, Luton, Leicester. They, observers say have been mainly peaceful. Meanwhile, at a protest in his hometown of Watford, the famous British boxer, world champion in a super heavyweight Anthony Joshua said that “British blacks can no longer sit idly by”. In Manchester around 15 thousand protesters gathered in the Garden, Piccadilly in the city centre, clapping in unison and holding placards with slogans of the movement “black lives.” They gathered at the rally, despite warnings from the mayor of Manchester, Andy Burnham, that the mass meetings are the “high risk that the coronavirus could again spread rapidly in the city.”


according to the BBC, in Glasgow, the protesters replaced the signs with the name of some streets in the names of enslaved Africans, black activists, and “victims of police violence”. Sunday in Scotland planned a mass protest to be held in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen.

on Sunday morning it became known that during the protests in the British capital wounds not life-threatening, police received 23. Arrested at least 14 demonstrators. In Northern Ireland, the police have written a large number of penalties for those who participated in the shares, considering the risk of a mass congestion of people during a pandemic, says the BBC. Against the organizers of protest events in Belfast opened the case for the purpose of prosecution.