infectious diseases Lyudmila Gannushkina in interview to Agency “Moscow” told about the risk to the worms after being bitten by mosquitoes — a carrier of larvae of parasites is a one in twenty drinkers. However, the infection is still closer. Worms you can earn even from household cockroaches. Our interlocutors, infectious disease physicians, spoke about the mechanism of transmission of parasites and how to behave when strange sensations on the body, face and eyes.

Mosquitoes biting human, transfer of helminth larvae through the blood. They can get the infection from a sick animal or a sick human, says infectious disease physician, Professor Nikolai Malyshev. — Symptoms that are difficult not to pay attention, redness, tearing. It happens that in the eye or beside him felt a foreign body that can move.

— In your practice there were cases of helminth infection of man from the mosquitoes?

— was. Patients received toxocariasis from mosquitoes that have previously bitten by cats and dogs.

How to be treated?

— the Main thing — not to self-medicate. The person must apply to the doctor-parasitologist. And he, along with the surgeons will find a cure.

— What kind of people are the most susceptible to the attack of parasites? It might be easier to catch being in unsanitary conditions?

Why dirty? In the usual manner, is such a thing. You know, by the way, who often gets sick with mange? People chistyuli, who carefully look after themselves. Parasites, paradoxically, love the neat “masters”.

the Main infectious diseases of the Central administrative district of Moscow Ilya Akinfiev says: in severe cases when infected with helminths, if we are talking about eye shape, you can lose vision. Initially feel very uncomfortable, the eyes may become inflamed. “Basically, it picks up parasites in hot, tropical countries, — says Ilya Akinfiev. — In the cases which I diagnosed, people “brought” parasites in Bali, from Thailand, were infected usually the wild sandy beaches. But in our area enough peddlers. Those cockroaches are not just unpleasant “neighbors” at home, but also dangerous carriers of disease.”

Do cockroaches can also award the man with worms?

— of Course. They carry helminth eggs on the legs, on the shell. Often cockroaches can cause allergic reactions in humans, such as conjunctivitis. Incidentally, cockroaches are the most resilient insects on the planet. They have a very interesting device valve in respiratory system: if a cockroach feels toxic substances, the valves block their breathing. They are many diseases is not terrible. While human health because cockroaches can Zn��much to suffer.