Russian banks have approved the preferential business loans at 2% for the sum more than 221 billion, said the Ministry of economic development. Loans “under employment” is one of the anti-crisis support measures implemented by the government together with financial institutions. The loans are affected by coronaries companies on the resumption of the activities, while maintaining employment for at least 90% of the state agrees to write off the principal debt. Entrepreneurs told “MK” about how this and other instruments of financial support in practice.

the Program of crediting under 2% allows entrepreneurs to allocate funds at their discretion for staff salaries, payments to suppliers. The loan amount is calculated based on the number of employees on June 1, multiplied by the minimum wage and by the number of months from the date of the loan agreement.

“These funds will support approximately 2 million jobs. The bulk of the credits continued to account for “Sberbank”, “VTB”, “Promsvyazbank”, “Bank “SMEs”, MCB Bank”, – stated in the message of Ministry of economic development.

we Surveyed entrepreneurs were attracted to the possibility of full cancellation of the loan while maintaining employment in the company. If by March 1, 2021 employment will remain at the level of 90% and above, the Bank will “forgive” the borrower the debt that is compensated by the state. While maintaining employment up to 80% charged will be half of the loan. In breach of the employees, the company will have to repay the loan, but at a reduced rate of 2% per annum until April 1 of next year.

Our interlocutors, who took credit for this program, intend fully to preserve jobs and apply for full debt cancellation. According to them, such conditions are beneficial to all: business to remain afloat, employees in workplaces, and the state does not have to support millions of unemployed.

“We work in the sphere of public (health) nutrition, which is mainly supplied to medical institutions of the Vologda region. We serve about 30 hospitals, but almost all in the period of self-isolation has greatly reduced the number of patients. Anyone who has been is at home, discharged. The volume of supplied services decreased three times. We continued to work, unlike cafe, which is completely closed, but went into negative profitability. These two months of trying to survive, – says General Director of OOO “industry food” from Vologda Alexey Toe – First VTB Bank offered us a loan at 0% on salaries. But then came the program at 2% with a possible cancellation when conditions are met. Pleased that for credit needed a simplified set of documents. For two or three days the application was approved. In VTB Bank explained what standards need to fulfill that��s loan is written off. We understand that the demands to perform are themselves interested in preserving employment. Now we of this money paid the salaries of employees. Have noticed a trend of the recovery. I hope that month two to three months to restore the previous momentum.”

fast and simple procedure for issuing preferential credit to celebrate all entrepreneurs. “This program is the case when government and business hear each other and act in tandem. Entrepreneurs are not less than the government interest in preserving employment,” – said Ilya Silumin, Director of “Profit” from Astrakhan. The Agency is responsible for examination and conducting medical examination. When introduced, the isolation, the company was in a difficult situation. “We had reserves, but part of the funds in the accounts intended suppliers. We interact with state institutions of public health, narcological and psychiatric dispensaries. The staff were not starving, we decided to send all the money on wages. Then came the decree that the government of regions must organize uninterrupted work of such centers, like ours, to fully worked retail. With large networks, we also contracts. With great restraint, compliance with social distance, disinfection of premises after each patient we continued to work. This allowed us to stay afloat, but revenue still fell sharply. We do not fall under the first and second support package of the government. While we already had loan commitments. Indulgence has become the first debt restructuring with our Bank. VTB has offered to extend the loan for a year and provide the opportunity for 2020 to pay only the interest. In the third phase of the support we have already reached and scored in the same VTB loan of 6 million 300 roubles. The first tranche of us have already listed. The money we will direct on repayment of debts to suppliers of services. Thanks tranche, we almost completely close the debt. We’re going to keep up the numbers, still not a single employee was fired. If the loan return is not necessary, the loan will cover all losses during coronavirus”.

Often, banks are offered to our clients in business restructuring of a loan. So it was with Eugene Bogdanov, who owns a network of orthopedic salons “Good health” in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. “Our stores were able to continue working during a pandemic, since our assortment includes all the Essentials. But the purchasing power goes to zero. In the first week of self-isolation of people on the streets was not. At the time we decided to leave open a salon of four. It was necessary to procure personal protective equipment for employees��. Our region can say, got off easy: the number of people infected was small. In mid-April, we have already opened all the shops. But it was still difficult. The company’s turnover fell dramatically, and credit obligations has not been canceled: we had a loan to buy the premises. Our VTB Bank himself came out with a proposal to restructure the debt. We had to write a statement describing the situation of the company and to provide a minimum package of documents: in one day they gathered. We took a delay of six months, are now paying only the interest. Later we will arrange the loan at 2%. That will save the number of the employees for amortization of the loan, without doubt. We not a single person has reduced, even joined the team one Manager”, – said the businessman.

vacation Credit helped and the sanatorium “Lesnaya Zhemchuzhina” in the Tambov region, said the General Director of sanatorium-health establishments Angelica mammoth. “Our sanatorium in the period of isolation was in a very difficult position. Immediately after the introduction of restrictive measures on 28 March, he suspended the work. The original term out of the downtime was announced on 1 June. We had to spend more than 2 months without a livelihood. Financial flows stopped, the team was sent home to isolate themselves in a difficult position of the spirit: the employees feared to stay without a salary.

the First wave of assistance from the state were able to apply to banks for granting repayment holidays on existing loans organizations included in the list of the most affected sectors. The postponement of payments has significantly eased the situation”, – said our interlocutor.

“Lesnaya Zhemchuzhina” has used another measure of state support, implemented together with the banks, no loan paycheck. “The next stage was the possibility of obtaining concessional loan of wages to employees at 0% for the first six months. The loan in the Bank VTB was not too difficult: we quickly gathered all the necessary documents, including payroll, was transferred to the Bank. The loan is approved quickly and the staff was able to promptly obtain their wages on the cards.

In June, VTB has provided funding for a new program to support employment the loan with a rate of 2% per annum. All support was very timely. Thanks to them we were able to pay wages to employees that are not fully worked. At the moment we’re not open yet, but are actively preparing for the early opening, was able to finish the renovation of rooms and facilities to enhance the comfort of tourists. Looking forward to visitors!”, – concluded the General Director of the sanatorium.