just a month mode isolation developers have made a technological breakthrough – real estate transactions has changed dramatically. “Before online dominated only clients access to 87% of the complaints we have received via the website and telephone. But the screenings were carried out on 100% offline,” says Viktoria Grigorieva, General Director and partner of the company “BEST new Building”.

Now in remote control format left both of these stages. “Developers offer potential buyers a 3D tours of the complex and individual apartments, set on the jobsite video cameras and broadcast the recording in real time, create online showrooms,” – said Maria Litinetskaya, managing partner of the company “Metrium”. A customer map services that allow you to walk around a specific area, for example, estimate the path from potential homes to the metro station.

Should you buy an apartment building without a personal site visit? If the house is built in an inhabited area, it makes sense to meet him in person. In the case of buying an apartment in a large complex at the stage of excavation, the study of documentation will be a priority, even visiting the construction site. In addition to the documents from the Builder should consider very carefully the development plan for the development site on which to build a house: where will the road, whether metro, social, commercial properties, parks, or the next there is only the close quarters of apartment buildings. Promises from the Builder it is better to double check in other sources – the Council, the mayor’s office.

If the choice of the flat, then make all remaining actions before the transaction remotely is easy. Often and early for reservation customers could not come to the office of the Builder.

the Majority of steps needed for the buyer and the developer can be done online. In the past, customers did not always use this opportunity. Most contracts equity (DDU) were signed in the sales offices, and 50% registration rights of ownership was carried out by sending packages of documents in MFC, said Victoria Grigorieva. Fully remote transaction support was the exception and was used for customers from other regions.

for a Long time to translate the transaction online was hampered by the use of electronic digital signature (EDS). It is signed by the PO and the credit agreement with the Bank. To verify the identity of the person who receives it, still required the personal presence of the buyer, at least in the developer’s office. Now there are programs that allow you to produce a digital signature remotely. The client receives the contract via email, signs, scans and sends a return letter, ��tsila at the same time a verification SMS code. Quite often all the client arrives the courier, he brings a paper contract and shall certify the identity of the person. This method is preferable. But developers now need the transaction, so they are willing to go on a fully-remote release digital signature for signing contracts. In the future, the deal is carried out in electronic form, the documents are sent to the MFC and the Federal registration service.

the Introduction of remote transactions has not been without difficulties. For example, borrowers were faced with the problem of collecting the documents from work. Previously, they often confirmed the solvency of a copy of the work book and certificate of personal income tax, which was easy to get to work. But with the announcement of non-business days accounting and personnel departments of many companies stopped work. Banks have started to use as a confirmation of the creditworthiness of the borrowers a certificate from the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation, which can be obtained in electronic format.

Also some time ago the remote transaction was paralyzed due to a special operation mode of the MFC and rosreestra. Now registration of transactions in the Federal registration service is conducted in a regular mode, and the delay is minimal, said Anna Boim, commercial Director GK “A101”.

not in all banks it is possible to get a mortgage remotely: for the signing of the loan agreement and opening of an escrow account in most banks still require personal presence of the client, says Maria Litinetskaya. To the banks, which reduces the personal presence of the borrower, are Sberbank, VTB and the House.Of the Russian Federation. So, in Sberbank the client personally signs the credit agreement, but not in the office and at home: an employee comes to the borrower. In VTB the interaction between the buyer, developer and the Bank are concentrated in the “personal Cabinet” system “per square Meter”, it is signed by the PO, if necessary, coordinated issuance of the mortgage, on the same site the calculations. Bank Building.Russia also conducts mortgage fully online, the contract signed by a digital signature generated remotely.

But to get out of the house still have. For example, the borrower is married. It is necessary to obtain consent from a spouse, a certified electronic signature of the notary. It can be only during a personal visit to the notary’s office.

On remote transactions and mortgage online developers and banks have worked. But in the last month to a remote format were removed, even those procedures that are seemingly impossible without personal participation. So, a few companies take the apartment for photos and videos, and key collection takes place using the terminal in the territory of the residential complex, says Maria Litinetskaya.