TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov commented to the mass allegations of sexual harassment and rape to the Russian journalists. The TV show “Full contact” he noted that on the facts of public statements should be prosecuted. This entry was posted on YouTube.

To the subject of the allegations of rape he moved after discussion, “those people who openly work for Western money.”

“the Issues to remain "Open Russia". Not only to their disgusting sexual behavior and to the MBH. Not only to the fact that they are disgusting, vile, disgusting perverts, rapists”, — said the presenter.

Solovyov expressed confidence that the Investigating Committee should investigate and to Institute criminal proceedings, and “rapist should be, regardless of its political orientation”.

“They are in their dirty underwear now bathed the entire country, liberals are bad. So now. If it is proved the fact of rape, the rapist goes to jail. And if it is proven that she lied, then she goes for slander”, — concluded the leader.

Earlier in July, Russian-language Twitter several women spoke about abuse and abuse by men. Mostly the accusations concerned former or current members of the media.

In particular, the editor-in-chief “MBH Media,” Sergei Prost and photographer Andrei Zolotov was accused of involvement in the gang rape. They both left the publication. Several men also said that they were harassed leading “Rain” Pavel Lobkov.

The prosecution also touched on former journalists Sergey Minenko and Ruslan Safarov, who now works in the savings Bank. After the publication of the stories in women in their Twitter was suspended from work at the time of the audit.